VHS board has five members from health professionals and patient survivors.

Dr. Wubshet Jote
Secretary Dr. Wubshet Jote
MR. Million Kebede
ChairMR. Million Kebede
Dr. Matias Aserat
Vice ChairDr. Matias Aserat
Mr. Shewakena Taddese
Board Member Mr. Shewakena Taddese


VHS has more than 15000 members of professionals and patient survivors.

Mrs. Seble Tadesse
Board Member Mrs. Seble Tadesse
Mr. Endalkachew Fekadu
Managing Director Mr. Endalkachew Fekadu
Mrs. Bemniet Fekede
Finance Chair Mrs. Bemniet Fekede
Mrs. Yemisrach Demisse
Internal Audit Mrs. Yemisrach Demisse


Together We can make a difference.

Volunteer Health services is nonprofit organization initiated by health professionals; It is a network of more than 15,000 volunteers treatment support team that can offer a place to explore the emotional and practical issues of living with infectious and non-infectious diseases specifically patients who need comprehensive treatment and care in a safe and nurturing environment. It is an all-inclusive, non-partisan group working to increase participation in local healthcare system, key affected populations (KAP) in our community to become identified, informed, empowered and involved through a nationwide network of patients, volunteers and relevant stakeholders.  
We are motivated by our belief that medical issues affects residents' lives in a multitude of ways and that the contributions of volunteers are necessary for a strong community and prosperous nation. But many concerned by the lack of framework or platform to engage communities in local healthcare system.
Our working group has proposed a strategy for approaching this challenge. Our preliminary plans include a series of volunteer programs and platform developments. i.e. free medical care, free medicine programs, patient visit and others; with this framework we will ndeavour to engage patients, Parliamentarians, Ambassadors, celebrity and the whole community on healthcare system. It is our goal that all eligible partners engaged in order to bring positive change as a part of nation building.
As we move forward to fulfill our mission, mobilizing all stakeholders’ for the development and implementation of our volunteer and community outreach programs is key. Organizations with deep expertise on a particular issue or segment of health care are requested to help identify topics that should be used to inform our program development. We would also like to ask free medicines, any kind donation and active participation of your institution.
Individuals are welcome to join as members of Volunteer health services (VHS) to volunteer or to simply stay connected. As a minimum, Partner Organizations including Hospitals, multinational, non-profits, businesses and government agencies will support our vision and mission as noted above and will communicate our goals to their staff and potentially the wider community. Should your organization be interested in partnering with Volunteer health services (VHS), please select the Partner link on our website to complete the membership form. If you would simply like to talk with us or receive more information, please contact us at contact@vhsi.org/enda.pharm@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration. Together we can nurture a culture of active civic engagement and nation building positive attitudes.
Sincerely, Endalakchew Fekadu, CEO


We assess: - It is an assessment to identify, collect, analyze and present information so that the health of the TB community can be understood and improved, and to provide evidence to inform health service planning. It provides baseline information about the health status of TB community residents, tracks TB control outcomes over time, and helps to identify opportunities for TB prevention, treatment and control.





We inform: - It is creating awareness and gaining the commitment of decision makers for a social case is very important to influence policies and practices that affect the lives of TB community. And also educate our communities about TB and related health problems.

We empower: - to promote autonomous self-regulation so that the individual’s potential for health and wellness is maximized. It is a process of recognizing, promoting, and enhancing people’s abilities to meet their own needs, solve their own problems, and mobilize necessary resources to take control of their own lives. In other words, patient community empowerment is a process of helping people to declare control over factors that affect their health.

We engage: - TB community involvement begins with in all above strategic approaches. It is defined as the process of working collaboratively with and through communities to address issues affecting their well-being. And also we will ensure their engagement in unique platform like community-based TB treatment support and health education activities.

We collaborate:- Three nineties cannot be achieved by one agency or government alone. All TB control stakeholders had to work together by sharing experience, resources, and responsibility. Since TB control partners can contribute and benefits from the effort, we invest all of our energy and time to build trust.  Our motto says ‘together we can make a difference!’   


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